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Chiron is the app for helping you manage your chronic conditions. Using a combination of our clinical expertise and machine learning, we guide you to find interventions that actually help, so that you can manage your condition independently and effectively.

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For Our Beta Users

Thank you to all 1 250 of you who have joined our beta group so far - we hope you are enjoying the early access to Chiron.

If you have any questions about the app or need any support at all, please contact us at support@chironai.com. We're here for you.

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How to create your Chiron account

Click the link in your invitation email. This will connect you to Testflight, Apple's App testing platform, and will allow you to download the Chiron app to your mobile device (iPhone only for this version).

Create your profile and answer some questions about your health. This helps us personalise your experience and tailor the recommendations to your unique needs.

Agree to Chiron's privacy policy and T&C - we will never share your data with anyone else.

Connect to HealthKit to allow your phone or wearable device to provide more data that can help personalise your experience further. Select 'all' in the top right corner.

Complete your registration within the app - the app will ask for your email address and a password.

Look through the recommended treatment selections, select one and get started.

About Chiron

Chiron [pronounced kai·ruhn], the greek god of healing.

It’s hard living with a chronic disease. There are different things you can try to feel better, however, what works for one person may or may not work for the next.

That’s why we built Chiron. We’re creating an evidence based AI-powered self-management platform, which aims to help people understand what makes them feel better as an individual, based on scientific evidence and their habits.

If we can help you incrementally improve your condition, we feel we’re on the right path.

“Chiron is SUCH an exciting initiative. I think the entire concept is fantastic.”
Claire, has had Fibromyalgia for 20+ years
“Chiron is revolutionising the way that patients can manage their own conditions."
Anthony, Consultant in Pain Medicine
How it works: Step 1

Set your health baseline

Start by answering a few questions to set your health baseline. It’ll help us accurately recommend programmes unique to you.
How it works: Step 2

Select programmes curated by our experts

This can be anything from pacing to guided meditation. Our experts use AI-powered insights to recommend bite-sized programmes unique to you and your profile.
How it works: Step 3

Complete and track

Start your programme and track your progress along the way - it will just be a daily 1 min check in. Any information you add is used to understand how the programme works with you.
How it works: Step 4

Review your results

Once you’re done, you will be able to see AI-driven insights from your progress and learn how the programme has impacted you. You’ll also be given advice on next steps.

Meet our growing Chiron Expert Panel

All of our recommendations are created and vetted by our expert panel. With 20+ years of experience, we have clinicians who are experts in various fields, from Chronic Pain Management to Clinical Psychology, coming from industry and academic backgrounds.

Programmes curated by experts

Experience in digital health apps

All star team with 20+ years

Meet Our Growing Chiron Expert Panel and Team

All of our recommendations are created and vetted by our expert panel, and built on the Chiron app by our team. We have clinicians who are experts in various fields, from Chronic Pain Management to Clinical Psychology, coming from industry and academic backgrounds.

Carron Manning
Co-founder and CEO
A clinical-specialist physiotherapist with over 20 years in the NHS and professional sports. An ex-Team GB physio and co-founder of a previous digital health start-up, with extensive knowledge in clinical trials/regulatory strategy.
Davide Crescenzi
Co-founder and CTO
Full-stack engineer with a Masters degree in informatics and an AI specialist, and a second time co-founder having previously started a company which aggregates data. Leading on all aspects of the tech and data science build.
Dr. Simon Nichols
Expert Physiologist
One of the most distinguished Exercise Physiologists in academia in the UK, with research fellow posts specialising in cardiac rehab and multi-morbidity. Currently at Robert Gordon University (previously Sheffield Hallam University).
Dr. Anthony Ordman
Pain Management Consultant
One of the most senior pain consultants in the UK. Founded the Royal Free's Interdisciplinary Pain Management Service and is the Lead Consultant at The Wellington's Pain Functional Restoration Programme.
Professor Gary MacFarlane
Professor of Epidemiology
Professor of Epidemiology at University of Aberdeen. Co-Director of the Versus Arthritis/Medical Research Council Centre for MSK Health and led chronic pain research at Arthritis Research UK. Also, a Chartered Statistician and was the Lead Author for the European treatment guidelines for Fibromyalgia.
Dr. Karen Lawson
Co-founder and CSO
Ex-Chief Architect and Senior Director at Nike Inc. Completed a Doctorate of Engineering (computational intelligence) at UCL and Master's in nanotechnology for healthcare and medicine at Oxford University, Kellogg College. Leads on Chiron's strategy and architecture.
Dr. Lucy Stirling
Clinical Psychologist
Consultant clinical psychologist, with extensive NHS/PPIE experience in multi-morbidity. Also led Clinical Team within a digital health psychology-based start-up, which has just raised a Series B.